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"Science is not a subject of pure thinking, but an object of thinking,

constantly involved in practice and constantly reinforced by practice."

D. Bernal


In his Address dated September 1, 2021, the Head of State K-J. Tokayev emphasized that the task of the Ministry of Education is, first of all, to ensure the quality of higher education. Universities should be responsible for the quality training of personnel and the development of science should be considered a top priority. In this regard, the "Legal Clinic" at the Faculty of Law of A. Myrzakhmetov Kokshetau University is working to improve the quality of legal services provided to the population. One of the priority directions of this activity is the effective use of scientific potential in practice. Since October 12 this year, the teacher, who is actively involved in the work of the clinic, Ph.D. Zholumbayev M.K., entered the register of members of the Independent Republican Chamber of Legal Consultants. The leading teachers of the Department of Jurisprudence: Ph.D. Bukhaeva A.A., Ph.D. Togaybaeva Sh.S., Ph.D. Satybaldi L., M.Yu. Bayzhanov E.A. and others, as well as practicing lawyers also take part in the work of the clinic. Legal science and practice are aimed at performing the same function, which is to train legal personnel capable of successful and productive participation in the life of a modern, dynamically developing society, as well as to provide qualified legal assistance.


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